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MIL Style 2RV7 Dual Ganged Single Turn Carbon Element Potentiometer (Series KK )

2RV7 dual ganged single turn  potentiometer
  • The 2RV7 or series KK potentiometer is well suited for military and commercial applications.
  • Basically two potentiometers controlled by one shaft. Available with concentric shafts for
  • adjusting each potentiometer independently.
  • Also available in 3 gangs. Rated at 2 watts, standard with 1/4" diameter stainless steel shafts and gold plated terminals. Stainless steel shaft and housing.
  • Easily customized with many options including shaft lengths, resistance values, panel seals
  • center taps and switches.
  • Life cycle : 25,000 operations.
  • Resistance range : 50 ohm to 5 meg ohms
  • 314º Mechanical Rotation
  • More MIL STYLE potentiometers : RV2, RV4, RV5, RV6, RV8, 2RV7
  • Crosses to Ohmite model CCU.