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Industrial Joysticks. Lab grade, heavy duty, mill duty, weather proof. For proportional and step control. Potentiometer, 4-20mA, Hall Effect, Switches outputs. Many handle options.

Joystick Handle travel:

1 axis dwg
two axis joystick
three axis joystick

1 Axis Joystick

2 Axis Joystick

3 Axis Plus Joystick

0.75" Height above panel - spring return center or one side
1.73" Height above panel - small switch stick
1.5" Height above the panel - twist knob for third axis- 3 potentiometers

J3R Spring return

J1-00105 Switches

J30 Series Joystick

SAJ2515G spring returm potentiometer
J34 Joystick
J34 Joystick
2.25" Diameter Knob - panel mount through 3/8" dia. hole
1.5" Height above panel - two hi life potentiometers
1.5" Height above the pane -- twist knob for third axis- 3 potentiometers

SAJ2515 Spring return

J34 Series Joystick

J34 Series Joystick

J3LIA10SB joystick
J40 Joystick
sCS3 joystick
1.7" Height above the panel - 1 pot, available with 2 switches
1.5" Height above panel - low cost dual axis w/pots
2.3" Height above the panel - Hall effect potentiometers- twist handle

J3L Series Joystick

J40 Series Joystick

CS3 Series Joystick

J50 joystick
CS3 joystick
J50-KK joystick
4" Height above the panel - many 2 axis output configurations.
2.3" Height above panel -available : 4 or 8 switches
4" Height above the panel- available with 3 axis pots and switches

J50 Series Joystick

CS3 Series Joystick

J50 Series Joystick

PRO4 BH Handle
J50 joystick
C90 joystick
4.5" Height above the panel - heavy duty reliable.
4" Height above the panel- 2 axis pots and switches
8.4" Height above the panel - multifunction Cobra head-pots-switches

PRO4 Series Joystick

J50 Series Joystick

C90 Series Joystick

J90 joystick
VCS Joystick
4.53" Height above the panel - large 2 axis
4.1" Height above panel- ideal for corrosive areas
9.5" Height above the panel - heany industrial applications

J90 Series Joystick

VCSO Series

XL-VNSO Series Joystick

PRO5 joystick
J90 Joystick
5.16" Height above the panel - weather proof - cast housing
4.4" Height above panel - precision potentiomters

PRO5 Series Joystick

J90 Series Joystick

PRO6 joystick
CS1 Joystick
5.3" Height above the panel - operating life 20 million cycles
5.9" Height above panel- rocker switch handle

PRO6 Series Joystick

CS1 Series Joystick


1 Axis
2 axis
3 plus axis
Additional Models & options available. Contact us with your requirement.
J3R ROCKER POT J1  SWITCH STICK J30-NM30-SB SAJ2515 J34 JOYSTICK J34-NL30-SB J3L-IA10-SB J40-CN20-SB CS3 JOYSTICK J50-CR20-SB CS3 JOYSTICK J50-KK24-SMB PRO4 JOYSTICK J50CR24-SMB C90 COBRA HEAD J90-CQ20-SMB One axis joysticks Two axis joysticks triple axis joysticks PRO5 Joystick J90 ma VCSO Joystick PRO6 Joystick CS1 Joystick PRO4 Joystick