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Conductive plastic element potentiometers offer essentially infinite resolution and longer life than wirewound element potentiometers Too many choices? Through our experience we have designed pots used in light houses (in the UK) , wire winding machines and jet engine test stands. We can help you make an informed potentiometer decision. Call 610-359-1002, fax 610-353-1674 or email fast quotes.

P1613 Conductive Plastic Small Linear Potentiometer

P1613 potentiometer
  • Shaft Options : Shaft Diameter: 1/8"  ( 3.175 mm)
  • Standard shaft : #5-40 thread shaft with screw driver slot
  • C= Chamfered           A = Plain shaft end
  • Stroke lengths : 1" to 7" long.
  • (Stroke = distance the shaft moves in and out)
  • Standard resistance values available :
  • 500,1K,2K,2.5K, 5K,10K, 20K , 50K ohms
  • See drawing for more information
  • Essentially Infinite Resolution
  • Mounting hardware included
Made in USAflsag