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Joystick CS1 : Heavy Duty - 1 Axis  (Back & Forward)

Also available in 2 & 3 axis configuration. For a quote please contact us.

  • CS1 Single & Dual Axis Controller For Harsh Operations

  • The rugged CS1 features stainless steel gimal yokes making it ideal for
  • continuous use high cycle applications.
  • - Single & dual axis operation.
  • - Available with potentiometers , switches or both.
  • - 4 1/8" height above the handle.
  • - Handle has spring return and friction hold options.
  • - As pictured with rocker switch handle, two conductive plastic
  • potentiometer and two DPDT switches on each axis.
CS1 Joystick pdf


CS1 joystick
CS1 joystick
CS1 switches
CS1 Handles :
Round ball handle
rhn handle
Mechanical Interlock Handle
Round Ball Handle
RHS - Rocker Switch Handle
    MI - Lift Collar Lock with fingers to move handle.
G13 handle
TH30 Handle
MG! handle

MG13 Twist Handle up to 4 (2A) contacts.

TH30 Twist Handle 75 degrees. 5K or 10K ohm pot. Self centering.

MG1- Available with push button or mini rocker switch.
MG2 handle
Locking Handle
Fighter GRip

MG2 Push Button

Locking Handle

Fighter Grip