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 Electronic timers - Perfect for recording operating time, leasing and warranty time .

HK17  Electronic Timer HK17 Electronic Timer
  • Interchangeable with "Hobbs Minimeter"
  • Operation Indicator Wheel - NEMA 4X/IP65 Sealed Front ,
  • 5 Digits, White on Black & Two Decimal Digits Red on Black
  • AC or DC powered hour timer is driven by a synchronous motor.
  • HK17 Electronic Timer pdf
HK07 Electronic Timer HK07 Electronic Timer
  • Super Low Power- Hours & 1 /100th Resolution
  • 7 Digits with Magnifying Lens - 7 Mounting Styles, Including PCB Mount Models
  • The HK Series hour meters use a quartz crystal oscillator that
  • generates an impulse every 36 seconds or 0.01 of an hour.
  • HK07 Electronic Timer pdf
  • H57 Electronic Timer
  • H57 Electronic Timer
  • Super Low Power
  • 7 Digit Display (99999.99 Hours)
  • AC or DC Voltages
  • Used for monitoring the running time and recording maintenance time
  • H57 Electronic Timer pdf
  • HC67 Electronic Timer HC67 Electronic Timer
  • Dual 7 digit display- Synchronous Motor Drive - AC Voltages
  • Consists of a running time meter and an adding counter.
  • Meters are connected in parallel, the adding counter registering the total
  • number of events and the time meter the total operating time of the device.
  • HC67Electronic Timer pdf
  • HC77 Electronic Timer HC77 Electronic Timer
  • Dual 7 digit display- AC or DC Voltages
  • Combination meter comprises a running time totalizer and adding counter with
  • separate 7 digit displays for each. Two meters are connected in parallel;
  • the totalizer counts the pulses while the time meter totalizes the connect time.
  • HC77 Electronic Timer pdf
  • HB26 Electronic Timer HB26 Electronic Timer
  • li>
  • Operation Indicator: Fast Rotating Gear Wheel driven by Synchronous Motor
  • Long Life
  • This 6 digit hour meter is available in AC or DC voltages with manual reset.
  • HB26 Electronic Timer pdf
  • HB37 Electronic Timer HB37 Electronic Timer
  • Operation Indicator: Fast Rotating Gear Wheel
  • Driven By A Synchronous Motor
  • Less Than 2" Deep . 7 digits without reset.
  • Engine hour meters, rental equipment, maintenance use this timer
  • HB37Electronic Timer pdf
  • M Series Timer M Series Electronic Timer
  • Electric, Manual, or Non-Reset Available
  • Varied Resolutions Available- Varied Mounting Styles
  • Timer offers more voltages, reset options and resolutions than any other timer
  • M Series Electronic Timer pdf