Precision Sales Inc.
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38 Bishop Hollow Rd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073 USA
Cage Code 3C3V5
FAX : 610-353-1674

Featured Precision Products
  • RV4 POTENTIOMETER RV4 potentiometers
  • Commercial & MIL STYLE Single Turn Potentiometers

  • Speed Controls, Volume Attenuator - Linear & Audio and Log Tapers
  • Used in high end audio equipment. Military applications. Power rating up to 2 watts.
  • Single & Dual ganged available - Panel and shaft seals for panel washing.
  • RV4, RV5, RV6, RV8 MIL style pots
SAJ2515 spring return potentiometer saj2515 potentiometer SAJ2515 spring return potentiometer

SAJ2515 Spring Return to Center Potentiometer

  • Made in USA. Shaft turns 140 degrees total travel. Twist knob ,springs back to center.
  • Bushing mounts through 3/8" panel hole. Removable knob.
  • SAJ2515 drawing pdf
PRO5 Joystick PRO 5 joystick
  • PRO 5 Weatherproof Single Axis Joystick

  • Output : Potentiometer, 4-20mA, Directional Switches,.
  • Rugged Cast Metal Body Housing with Gasket. Stainless Steel Handle Shaft
  • Available with locking handle, deadman handle, round ball knob, etc
  • Spring return or Friction hold handle.
MW20B potentiometer MLP waterproof potentiometer MLP linear potentiometer

MLP Linear Potentiometer . SMALL robust rated IP67

  • Conductive plastic element for long life. With wire leads.
  • Stroke lengths (shaft travel) : 12 to 150 mm (0.5" to 6")
  • Aluminum housing. For industrial control , medical and automotive applications.
Mw10B potentiometer MW10B POTENTIOMETER

MW10B - World's Smallest Precision 10 turn Potentiometer

  • Wire wound resistive element - All metal housing - 1,000,000 cycle life
  • Panel mount- 1/8" dia, shaft- 0.4" body diameter (10 mm)
CS3 switch joystcik CS3 Series joystick information